Since 2006 ADDICT has been designing mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems for corporate headquarters buildings and campus projects that include prime business functions as well and corporate control areas, conference/training centers.


Specializing in the commercial industry for more than 6 years, we perform building services for both new and existing facilities. We place equal emphasis on life cycle and first cost, quality, system efficiencies, acoustics, indoor air quality, accessibility and maintainability of equipment, sustainability, and occupant comfort.


Challenges of residential, hotels or mixt use projects often share similar themes. Design and coordination of systems must accommodate multiple room/facility types, while remaining fully integrated and coordinated. Metering utilities and accurate allocation of operating costs between residences or separate building spaces are also critical.


The design of Industrial and Manufacturing facilities has to primarily address function and energy efficiency. While Manufacturing and Industrial facilities use vast quantities of energy, a wise design and careful equipment selection can save significant operating costs.