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Addict Invest was founded by a team of professionals with vast experience in developing real estate projects, who want to change the way people live and build their future.

Each project signed by Addict Invest represents a concept that aims to satisfy even the most demanding tastes, therefore, everything is thought out in the smallest details, everything to create a balance between comfort, elegance, safety, and last but not least, price.

Our main objective is to understand the desires, but also the requirements of the clients, in order to be able to deliver their dream house.

The words that accurately describe Addict Invest are professionalism, progress, future, respect and vision.

The words that accurately describe Addict Invest are professionalism, progress, future, respect and vision.


Each project is developed with passion and professionalism, which helps us to successfully deliver the ideal space to each person who turns to our services.



The need of people to reconnect, made us understand that it is necessary to bring projects that rely on society and its story. Among other things, we want to create places of daily joy, to create a community.


In a real estate market that is becoming increasingly complex and complicated, progress is fundamental. The experience gained so far has showed us how important development is, due to which the expected results are reached, in our case, projects completed on time, and also satisfied and happy clients.


The creativity of our team of professionals and the emphasis on clients, on the principles they value, have made Addict Invest the company that demonstrates to people how easy it is to BE HOME.


One of the essential principles for Addict Invest is to respect the deadlines for each and every project. Collaboration with our partners, experience, professionalism and teamwork, have completed the list of values that the company relies on. The evolution of the consumption need is a visible tendency of the society, but the consideration for the requirements of people is essential. Every project of our company is a real success due to the connection with the community, the understanding of each present and future needs.